Making a Life Worth Living

Are you interested in creating a life with meaning while making a difference?  You are in good company! Students in Global and Regional Studies 95 (Fall 2010) explored Right Livelihood, personal missions and putting their values into action on a daily basis.  Here are some actions and resources that inspired them into living by their […]

World of Work: Allan Urgent '93, Assistant US Attorney

Allan Urgent ‘93, Assistant United States Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice Newark, NJ Major: Political Science Graduate Program: Fordham University School of Law (J.D.) What does your typical day look like? I represent the United States of America and federal agencies in civil litigation. The types of things I do include appearing in court to […]

Market Yourself to Get Hired: Social Media Edition

What is social media? Sites we use all the time; Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIN, Twitter, and blogs– these are all social media sites. We call them this because of the way we can create our own  “media “ like status updates, sharing of other people content, or posting and sharing articles, pictures and videos, among other […]

Create a Professional Resume with Resume Builder

Did you know that Catamount Job Link has a great feature that helps you create your resume? All you need to do is log into your Catamount Job Link account and follow the steps below: Click on the “Documents” tab at the top of your homepage. Click on the “Resume Builder” tab At the bottom […]

World of Work: Bizia Holmes Greene ’96, Etiquette Consultant

Bizia Holmes Greene’ 96 Self Employed Etiquette Consultant Santa Fe, New Mexico Major: Anthropology How would you describe what you do on a typical day to someone who is unfamiliar with your field? As an etiquette consultant, I field phone calls and emails from the curious public about etiquette related questions and conundrums. I write […]

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