Podcast Brainstorm: What is Wrong with Vermont?

In thinking about podcasts and the quest to create my own, a few ideas have popped into my mind. The hardest part for me has been deciding the topic or theme that I want to pursue. This post serves mainly as an elaboration of a few talking points that I have been ruminating on. I have been talking to a few people and some riveting ideas have sparked my interested in the form of issues with the state of Vermont and particularly why people want to leave it.


The Art of the Podcast: A Radiolab Review

How do you paint a picture with just words? How does one become engaged with a topic without any prior context? Why should I care about someone’s podcasts? These were questions that I thought to myself before embarking on the task of making my own podcast. I have, in the past, listened to really great podcasts, such as Total Biscuit’s video game based Co-Optional Podcast or the No Dumb Questions podcast by YouTubers Destin Sandlin and Matt Whittman. However, these podcasts were by creators whose content I already enjoyed outside of the podcasts. I was bound to like them regardless of their content because I liked the people who made them. This got me thinking about what makes a really good podcast and what this can tell me about making my own. On my search, I found a wonderful story called A Clockwork Miracle by Radiolab that functions as a great example of both a great podcast and a great reference point for my own podcast endeavors.


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