eSports and Video Remixes: A Brainstorming Post

As discussed in a previous post, an extremely powerful form of persuasion and argument is the video remix. Though the remix is somewhat simple to describe – a collage of videos that make an argument larger than their individual parts – the actual discourse for going about making a remix is much more difficult. I am starting this blog post as the beginning of my process for making my own video remix, including what I intend to include in said video, who I envision my audience would be and any additional thoughts I may have on the remix as a whole. Now perhaps the hardest part of the video remix is the subject that one will “talk” about and the argumentative stance that one will take. For a persuasive essay, you can talk about anything because the words are strictly your own and can be manipulated however you want, but with video, the information or scene you are looking to use must already exist in video form and you have to be able to find it. This started the struggle of what I would talk about, as I need to ensure there are enough original videos around the topic that I can actually have substance to the video. After much deliberation on a few topics, I decided that I would create a video about eSports and I will argue that eSports is actually a sport.

At first glance, some may think that this an absurdist idea, and that eSports could be nothing more than a bunch of nerdy kids playing video games to be watched by other nerdy kids. However, with the growth of the sport into a near-billion dollar industry and its meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years, it is a prime candidate for discussion. Additionally, the inherent nature of its online presence (the “e” in eSports actually standing for electronic) means there is a wealth of video across the internet that discuss and feature eSports. I will not be limited by content that I can feature in the video, but rather I just have to formulate how I want to best use these sources in a compelling fashion. I have found news stories, talk show segments, YouTuber videos, player interviews, gameplay and documentary features on the subject of eSports that I plan to use.

The way that I plan to lay out the video is where the process gets more complicated. I want to start the video with context explaining what eSports is, then move on to videos of people who are against it, claiming it is not a sport. Next I plan to introduce the definition of a sport according the Oxford Dictionary as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” This is the crux of the video, which I then will formulate my argument around. Using this definition part by part, I will explain how each section is true for eSports and that, by definition, eSports should be considered a sport. First, for physical exertion I have found sources showing the players working out to increase their health and stamina, the speed of inputs that some players use and how some top players of eSports suffer from hand injuries due to how intense the sport is. Next, I plan to show the skill involved in eSports, including actions that must be performed in a fraction of a second and the mental precision involved in certain games. Finally, I plan to end the video on a high note, showing the entertainment value of eSports with fan reactions, interplayed with exciting and intense moments.

But who is going to watch this video? I would hope that everyone could, or more appropriately, that anyone could. I aim to introduce eSports at the beginning briefly so that people who may not know what it is can still understand the argument of the video. With this conceptual format, I believe that anyone can quickly form a snap opinion on the topic and then understand the argument as I make it. Most people will understand video game competition, most people will know sports, all I need to do is convince them that they can be one in the same. A huge part of this is the music. I am still somewhat at a loss for this crucial part though I am envisioning that I can use vocal voiceovers from certain videos to intercut different pieces of music together throughout different sections rather than trying to find one single song that fits all of the tonal themes that the video will go through. If the music is well done, even if some may not believe the argument normally, it may be powerful enough that they walk away with a new more positive perspective on eSports and that is my true goal. This is going to be serious but entertaining, and if humor can be involved, such as funny clips, I may include that as well. Though my argument will be strong for why it is a sport, if this video can help more people become aware of what eSports is and give them reason to watch it, then I have accomplished something I will be pleased with.

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