eSports and Video Remixes: A Brainstorming Post

As discussed in a previous post, an extremely powerful form of persuasion and argument is the video remix. Though the remix is somewhat simple to describe – a collage of videos that make an argument larger than their individual parts – the actual discourse for going about making a remix is much more difficult. I am starting this blog post as the beginning of my process for making my own video remix, including what I intend to include in said video, who I envision my audience would be and any additional thoughts I may have on the remix as a whole. Now perhaps the hardest part of the video remix is the subject that one will “talk” about and the argumentative stance that one will take. For a persuasive essay, you can talk about anything because the words are strictly your own and can be manipulated however you want, but with video, the information or scene you are looking to use must already exist in video form and you have to be able to find it. This started the struggle of what I would talk about, as I need to ensure there are enough original videos around the topic that I can actually have substance to the video. After much deliberation on a few topics, I decided that I would create a video about eSports and I will argue that eSports is actually a sport.


How to Turn Mitt Romney into a Rap Star

The art of the video remix is sometimes a subtle one, crafting together multiple often unrelated stories into one cohesive piece, slyly coercing the viewer to see a new perspective by using sources that originally said completely different things. Sometimes it is not subtle. The ladder is the case for a video made by Hugh Atkin mixing the unlikely pairing of Mitt Romney and Eminem. The finished product is a well edited, and frankly catchy musical piece that simultaneously critiques the rightist views that Romney presents.


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