War is an Economy

War is an Economy. Remixed.

The Remix

The Process

With the video finally done comes the time to reflect on the process. While the final product is just over 3 minutes, the actual time involved in creating that video dwarfs those minutes substantially. The process to create something like the remix video above is an extensive process that takes not only a good amount of time, but a good amount of planning.

To start this project out, I began with the video that I would consider to be the seed of the production. This was in the form of the War Dogs (2016) introduction I talked about in the February 24, 2019 post sharing the title of this video, “War is an Economy. Remixed.” From this point, the project expanded like branches off of a tree. To facilitate this growth, I established a handful of points to make contact with along the way.

For one, I aimed to present the standard view of what war is: an emotionally charged interaction between two ideologies using the common man as the tool to achieve the ideology’s end. Then, I directed these growing branches toward the introduction of the idea of the war economy within the world that the viewer would know. To do this, I had to choose a primary audience to aim for and settled on the American viewer for the obvious reasons shown in the video. Finally, I aimed to direct the growing branches toward the final point. Here I attempted to show how the topography of war is going to change in the future on its inevitable journey toward corporatization.

With these ideas in mind, I stepped out to the, metaphorical in this case, cutting room. Here I was left with the near infinite expanse of digital media that permeated through the entirety of the internet. As one might expect, with such an expansive catalogue of footage to comb the process of sorting through it all was where the majority of the time spent on this project was directed. However, through this dedication of time clips were found and added to the growing collection within my video editing software.

Through this process a good majority of content was left on the cutting room floor as I honed the messages I was preparing to send. Deep in the editing process, it’s always surprised me how well somethings that were never connected before fit together. With the track I selected, Spoiler by Hyper, playing in the background I worked hard to find the right flow.

Luckily for the topic and song I had suggested a common theme was clear from the very beginning. Both the tempo of the combat footage and the music melded perfectly. As I progressed down the rabbit hole of editing, I found more footage that I proceeded to mix and match.

During this process I employed a wide variety of video editing strategies. These ranged from kinetic text to redubbing to juxtaposition. One method that saw a lot of action during the editing process was taking audio from one interview or the like and placing different footage over the voice. This footage would either take the form of something the person was talking about or present something entirely new and in contrast with what was being said. Alongside this, I used primarily aimed jump cuts to transfer the viewer’s eyes to what was coming up next while keeping with the high tempo set by the music.

Of course, once the rough draft was completed, I had some of my peers take a look at what I had so far. As I’ve found to be the case almost all of the time, they had some very helpful suggestions and some even more helpful reactions. To this end, I present to you a trick to editing videos that I use when creating both videos like the one above and other content for Brody.MC Media.

This trick revolves around watching not your draft of your video, but rather the individual watching it. From them you can tell when something doesn’t flow correctly and, more importantly, when something has become boring. I’ve found “boringness” is often something no one mentions when reviewing a video, but it can easily be identified when the person watching your draft starts talking instead of watching the video. But this sense, of course, comes from experience.

With the suggestions implemented, I finally came to the conclusion that I was happy with the video. Overall, I enjoyed the project and feel like the content I created achieved the goals I set out to reach. However, I should note that I believe the questions of war as an economy go much beyond what can be shown through mere video alone and if you, the viewer, are at all interested then I would encourage you to do some research of your own and see what you discover.

The Works Mixed

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