The Problem of Theme.

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When making a podcast of any variety, and the same could be said for any new content based project, finding a story that not only you want to stick with can be difficult. And finding one that your audience actually wants to take the time to listen to is even harder. In a world saturated with podcasts on iTunes, YouTube, and everywhere in-between this difficulty compounds even more with the vast number of competitors.

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I Don’t Want to Read a Research Paper.

A phrase said by every single college student across pretty much every academic variety and something felt by most people when presented with the dense texts. However, in the world of magazine articles, a product built around keeping a reader’s attention, the balance between research paper-esque factual information and attractive sentence structure is an on going battle. If too much factual information is included in an unstylized manor, the article will come out as dry as the research papers its drawing from. If the magazine article draws too little of actual fact or even if it appears to just be made of opinions, the article will no longer be a credible source to learn something from. Right off the bat, engaging pictures and supporting infographics allow for a reader to be lulled into continued readership, but ultimately the language presented holds a large role in reader retention.

A dung beetle that raises some big questions.
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What Makes an Article?

While it’s easy to believe that the articles we read on the hundred of thousands of news sites across the internet just appear or are even just printed out by robots, this isn’t the case (so far at least for the robots). Instead, the efforts that go into creating the standard internet feature article are, in fact, rather substantial when taken on without guidance. Luckily, there are plenty of articles on the internet to look over on your journey to find your feet. One such piece comes in the form of a National Geographic article titled “What Science Tells Us About Good and Evil” by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee.

Always a great place to learn.
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