The Auditory Musical of Secondary Sounds.

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In mediums like podcasts where the primary source of conveyance to the viewer is through sound, it’s unsurprising that what exactly the podcast sounds like is a big deal. However, this goes beyond simple word and syntax choice; and even beyond how information is extracted from interviewees. For a podcast, whatever type it may be, to truly stand out the addition of secondary sounds are key.

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The Problem of Theme.

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When making a podcast of any variety, and the same could be said for any new content based project, finding a story that not only you want to stick with can be difficult. And finding one that your audience actually wants to take the time to listen to is even harder. In a world saturated with podcasts on iTunes, YouTube, and everywhere in-between this difficulty compounds even more with the vast number of competitors.

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When It Comes to Making a Podcast.

When it comes to making a (prerecorded) podcast, you may think that the only real issue that creators find themselves facing is derived from the effort of building the planned dialog. However, this is not the case; and if it was, I wouldn’t need to write an article about it. While choosing the dialog can be difficult, it often pales in comparison to the challenges that appear during the planning of both audio clips, pieces of music, and other contextual information that truly makes a podcast, a podcast.

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