The Problem of Theme.

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When making a podcast of any variety, and the same could be said for any new content based project, finding a story that not only you want to stick with can be difficult. And finding one that your audience actually wants to take the time to listen to is even harder. In a world saturated with podcasts on iTunes, YouTube, and everywhere in-between this difficulty compounds even more with the vast number of competitors.

However, what I’ve found is that to find something people will like a great first step is to identify what keeps you up at night. Because if someone, even you, is fascinated by something, then there’s bound to be at least a few others out there in the more than 7 billion strong masses that thinks similarly. And there weren’t, how do think something like ASMR got popular.

So, of course, for my planned podcast I first scoured not the internet, but my own mind for original ideas. Something often unheard of in this day and age. Here I found a few generalized concepts: history, space, digital media, and humor. Once you’ve figured out what you’re actually interested in the next step is to bring down the topic to a point.

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For me, I latched onto the idea of sci-fi, in all its forms, and its effects (or predictions) on the modern world. This is a topic I’ve often considered, but does require a special set of knowledge about topics like the book Forever War, the movie Blade Runner, and the game Cyberpunk 2020to name a few. All interesting things, but to the majority these pieces of media may exist merely in obscurity, but who can tell.

Next on my mind was space. It’s the final frontier after all and something everyone can get behind. Some people fear it, some people want to visit it, and some people want nothing to do with it at all. But wherever someone stands on Earth, they can understand the concept of space as it’s literally hanging over their heads 24/7. Though often I’ve found people forget to look up.

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Finally, yet coming before all the other topics here, is history. The concepts and mysteries of the realities that came before our present ones is always something that never fails to catch an ear. From the Rome at its height to the men drowning in mud during WWI, it’s easy to find an exciting moment from any point on the timeline. Plus, there’s always some obscure and interesting finds to present.

At this point, I’m not sure what topic I’ll use, but the concept finding your own interests first is a solid one. So, in this case as it’s quite on topic, I’ll ask the audience: what keeps you up at night?