War is an Economy. Remixed.

From War Dogs (2016).

As featured in our last post, remix and edits are the new gold currency of the internet. They can be used for political messages, creating humorous juxtapositions, or epic mashups of already amazing content. But it got us thinking, how can we cash in on this trend because, if I’m one to say anything in this blog, it’s that remix videos are going to keep being popular as long as video sticks around—and it’s been doing that since VHS. The big question about this, of course, is what’s even a good topic to make a video about?

After a while pondering the issue and scrapping a few ideas I finally remembered the intro to the 2016 film, War Dogs. The movie’s concept revolves around two unlikely men becoming big time international arms dealers and their struggle to maintain their position. Of course, the whole movie really takes the “based on true events” thing a little far, but the its intro, with a few textual inaccuracies, is a great piece of footage.

From World Digital Library.

In this particular into, the main concept is made clear: war is an economy. When I stumbled upon that phrase, I knew I had finally found the idea I wanted to focus on for this particular remix.

To do so, however, I would need to find some more footage. The intro itself provides a great base to work from, but on its own really isn’t anything to write home about. To solve this, the planned sprinkling of general tv and news clips will likely serve a big role.

Music wise, I’m not quite sure yet. The music in the War Dogs clip is there to stay, so for this project I’ll definitely need to find something that fits in with it. That likely means I’ll need something electronic or do a tricky transition. Both can be done, but you’ll just have to wait to find out how it turns out.

Editing strategies for this particular remix, on the other hand, are already laid out. Through my experience making videos for Brody.MC Media and other sources, I’ve been able to discern what makes a good high speed, big impact video. More often than not, the main strategy is to have fast and often cuts that sync with the music. If you can’t sync it, then they’ll be no flow and that’s no good.

Overall, it seems like it’ll be an interesting project. And, of course, it’s in production now, so remember to check this site for the finished video soon.