LEGOs Make Your Kid Violent?

When it comes to the internet, there’s almost an infinite amount of media to consume. A good part of this media comes in the form of remixed videos. Whether they’re mashups, memes, or some semblance of a political statement, the remix video is almost always made of collections of repurposed media. They often skirt the ideas of copyright and end up gathering anywhere between no audience at all to becoming nationally known viral videos.

One such example of smaller audience category comes in the form of a remix video titled, “The LEGO Violence Collection.” As can be surmised from the title of this rather short video, this mashup of various LEGO advertisement clips is designed to highlight some of the advertising practices used by the company. More specifically, this video focuses on how LEGO products are apparently increasingly using violent concepts to advertise their toys to male children.

An apparently violent LEGO.

To do this, the creator, who’s listed as Pop Culture Detective on YouTube, pulled clips of both audio and video footage from the LEGO advertisements. What made these clips special is they all include LEGO’s narrator saying something along the lines of, “Arm the weapons,” and, “You control the battle.” Using jump cuts, these clips were then strung together to create an onslaught of this type of exclamation.

As far as effectiveness goes, the video generally did what it set out to do. The connection of the exclamations occurring after each other and ending with a drawn out, “And Attack,” presents the message that Pop Culture Detective was apparently aiming for. The comments on the video also seem to corroborate the apparent effectiveness of the video, except for the most upvoted commenter.

The comment in question.

This commenter, who is identified as Jimeh on YouTube, who notes that the apparent arguments over the video in the comments seem to be taking the video way too seriously. Whether the creator of this video posted it seriously or not, the video does provide a good example of a what a remixed video could look like. Of course, it’s extremely unlikely LEGOs are turning America’s children into unhinged killers like the video suggests, it’s still a good example of a remix.