War is an Economy. Remixed.

From War Dogs (2016).

As featured in our last post, remix and edits are the new gold currency of the internet. They can be used for political messages, creating humorous juxtapositions, or epic mashups of already amazing content. But it got us thinking, how can we cash in on this trend because, if I’m one to say anything in this blog, it’s that remix videos are going to keep being popular as long as video sticks around—and it’s been doing that since VHS. The big question about this, of course, is what’s even a good topic to make a video about?

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LEGOs Make Your Kid Violent?

When it comes to the internet, there’s almost an infinite amount of media to consume. A good part of this media comes in the form of remixed videos. Whether they’re mashups, memes, or some semblance of a political statement, the remix video is almost always made of collections of repurposed media. They often skirt the ideas of copyright and end up gathering anywhere between no audience at all to becoming nationally known viral videos.

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