This Site’s Got Style.

If you’ve ever been bored on the internet, you know how the feeling of finding a new site to play with. One I recently stumbled upon is what appears to be a Japanese site known as Buddience which holds dear the idea of a general retro-modern computer feel and has some interesting features.

Captured from Buddience.

With the white text and black base color, the colorful and dynamic movement found in the center of the site creates an eye-catching center piece that directly shows off the work contained within the site. This center piece also lends a great amount of color to the site as a whole. In addition, the colors present in the center saves the site from the lacking feeling that can arise from completely black and white color schemes.

As stated, the controls and general text elements within the website are generally in a white font that is clear to read against its background. This font styling provides a distinction from the transitioning and colorful elements in the center allowing the user to quickly ascertain what is a control surface and what is for show.

Captured from Buddience.

While the site is mostly in Japanese, and despite the fact I can’t read Japanese script, the site is very easy to navigate. The menu style is easy to follow and provides some unique yet understandable stylized selection design. What is very helpful in the menus is the separation of the critical pages and the non-critical but necessary pages. This separation is displayed to the user through the different styles associated with each item. As such, the critical pages, like the main action page of the site, are distinguished through a box and arrow structure that creates a drop down when hovered. From here the user can then select the drop down to progress to the page at hand. Whereas the non-critical pages, like the about page and list page, are simply a text element that when hovered is struck through to signify the cursor’s selection. This creates for a unique menu style that is easy to quickly comprehend.

Captured from Buddience.

However, the site appears to be non-mobile capable which in the world of today is a cardinal sin. Especially in this case since the elements could be fairly easily shifted to accommodate a mobile structure by someone who has the skill to create a site like this in the first place. That being said, the amount of work required to do such a reconfiguring may have been outside of the scope of the original creator’s ideas as the site looks amazing on a desktop or laptop, and likely even a tablet.

Check the site out for yourself here.