An Analysis of Sound and Music in Invisibilia, True to You

In the first portion of the episode, sound and music interacts with the podcast to instill very strong emotions, feelings, and for lack of a better word; vibes. They begin with very eerie music when they read a bible verse about the locusts, and then again they use a soundbite of bussing locusts while people are testifying about the awful plagues of locusts. The mood then switches very quickly when they transition to the grasshopper scientist, playing a very upbeat tune, much like those found on cooking and food videos from Tasty. When they begin to wonder about the grasshoppers they play very quizzical music, like something found in Planet Earth, both removed but inquiring.

For the second portion of the episode, they play more whimsical music when they introduce the idea of having a range of people to become, and encountering new concepts about ones’ self. It also serves as a nice background music for the narrator when she is explaining the story that is ahead, it gives the episode sort of theme music, which also serves to make the advertisements much more bearable. When the narrator or someone else is speaking about the story and setting up the background and action, the music fades away, allowing listeners to focus much more. It is very intentional how they pick the music they wish to play, and when it should play, it adds a complexity and depth to the story and the mood. I personally think that the music helped to lighten up the sleep talking played in the episode. The oboe is a perfect inquiry music, I must say, another great moment was when they dropped the X Files sound bite. The harp and chimes are wonderful for dreamy and sleepy music, and then the solo piano for sort of sad moments.

The third portion of the show utilizes music and sound in the same facets as the first and second portions, but actually doesn’t require as much play with sound. The character is very interesting and good at filling the air, very short sound clips play but they do not distract from the story. When the story transitions to him realizing his second personality, the cartoon cat and his other character ideas, they begin to play light background music. Once he begins to publish the Lord Birthday comics, they play upbeat French café guitar music, a classic pic for when a story begins to pick up, I also feel like it is related to illustration for some reason. The music played throughout this story is vastly different from the music and sounds in the prior stories. The solo piano was a very good choice to wrap up the episode with, and then their choice for sound and music for their next episode was even more different, giving it a wild, young, living vibe.