Truth and Complexity; How?

After recently reading two online magazine features, I thought I would dive into the complex question of how to convey both truth and complexity embedded within a narrative that captures and holds the readers attention for an online magazine feature.

Each of these writer’s suggest a truth in madness and schizophrenia, but more importantly, they suggest a truth in how society views and reacts to these conditions. They grab the reader’s attention by framing their features as stories, small and easy to digest, they also deliver some big twists and prepare the reader’s for a complex story. Each of the articles unfold in the same fashion, following the narrative they had set up, and continuing to ask meaningful questions. The most important aspect of these features is the key characteristic that they make the information meaningful to readers, without meaning behind the information, they would have lost the reader after the first paragraph. The narrative format gives online authors the perfect roadmap to creating a complex, engaging, and meaningful online magazine feature, all simply by making information meaningful and asking questions.