Upon my initial visits, I observed this location to be vibrantly green throughout. As the seasons were changing from summer to fall, the abundance of green diminished and other fall colors replaced them. While the majority  of plants are showing typical fall colors such as red, orange, and yellow, one woody plant located proximal to the Boxelder has turned almost completely pink. On my initial visit, only slight traces of the pink were visible, with it turning consecutively more pink with each visit until it was dominant over green. Additionally, there were initially a few small, oblong berries on the plant and now they are plentiful. Although I believed this to be Barberry due to the red berries, the leaves are too large and pointy so I do not know the species at this time.

Red berries with pink leaves (species unknown)

Although there are a plethora of locations prime for wildlife habitat in this location, I have observed significantly less wildlife then expected. In the brook itself, one can find common water striders gliding across the surface in the water. Additionally, I observed two moths mating on a twig from the Eastern White Pine along the N.W. border. Further more, there has been a variety of birds that visit the trees, with chickadees being the most common visitors.

Mating Moths


Birds Eye View of Location

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