Red Rocks Park in April

When traveling to Red Rocks Park in April there are may bird calls to heard walking along the muddy path.  I couldn’t see any of the birds but saw many large nests made out of twigs in the trees. Judging by the pitch of the call I would think that the birds chirping were the American Robin, the Eastern Bluebird, and the Eastern Phoebe. The last two birds would have a presence at Red Rocks park since they nest in doorways and in crevices of the houses that have backyards which face the woods. After walking along the trail with the cold wind blowing I stood quietly in my phenology spot amongst the Eastern White pines trying not to make any movements for I wanted to spot wildlife in the area. With my luck, I was able to see a squirrel off in the distance on a tree branch. It seemed to be munching on some food it had grasped in its paws.  


My phenology spot has a picnic table and large Eastern White pines towering over the open land that is located along the edge of Red Rocks Park. Most of the trees in my area are pines were they don’t produce any flowers. The trees that are found between houses cause an edge effect for there is little coverage for wildlife. The edges are borders or trails that run throughout the park which are relatively narrow that humans have made for their convenience. My phenology spot is an open field that lots of small animals come to such as squirrels who come to looking for food. It does not fit the need of many forest interior species, such as deer, rabbits, or foxes.

Another observation I saw in my area was that there was a lot of leaf litter and twigs on the damp soil, however, that did not stop vegetation from poking through. I was unable to figure out what type of plants were growing in the first picture since it was very early it is very early in the season. I could make out though that new grass and moss were forming because of melted snow and exposure to the spring sunshine. I was unable to see any amphibians, specifical salamanders due to there being no vertical pools are located in my area.