Red Rocks Park in November

Third Visit to Red Rocks Park


As the month of October has ended the last month of fall being November is here. The day I went to visit my spot was in the morning, which had did not have the greatest weather. When I stepped off the bus to enter the park a cold burst of wind had me not wanting to leave the heated vehicle. As I persisted through the cold putting on whatever layer I had brought with me, I entered Red Rocks Park. While walking through the park the path to get to my spot was covered in leaves. Kicking around the leaves on the way to my spot I felt as though I was a kid again enjoying the colorful and fallen leaves that the season of fall brings. Each step I took closer to my spot the sound of crunching followed me. Another aspect I noticed was that the landscape had become quiet where no animals are heard whether they be wildlife or owners dogs, but the only thing that can be heard is the sound of the empty trees blowing in the harsh winds. When reaching to my spot the eastern White Pines were not affected by the harsh winds that occurred in days past, but it caused smaller trees to fall over. I also noticed the waves from Lake Champlain crashing on the shore from high above since there was little coverage by the trees.  While the wind began to settle after some time being at the park I decided to sit in my usual spot, the picnic table located underneath the Eastern White Pines. As I sat there I sketched my map of what my journey had been on the way to Red Rocks Park as well as a short poem about the how I felt about the environment around me.




Its a journey here

The nature all around me

Peace and harmony


All photos in blog post were taken by me