Natural Community

Salmon Hole is a Riverside Outcrop. This community has ice and flood scoured bedrock and stream banks. It contains a small amount of scattered low upland herbaceous plants and ferns, with only a small variety of young tree species. Since Salmon Hole is situated along a small river, it would probably be good habitat for a few riverine and upland mammals such as otters, mink, and raccoon.

There is much more debris on the floor of the community. There are a high volume of sticks and dried out plants littered about. Salmon Hole seems quieter than before- there is not much human or wildlife activity. The soils are quite thin and eroded, probably from the rain Burlington has been getting lately.

According to Biofinder, Salmon hole has both uncommon plant and animal species, as well as some rare species. The RIverside Outcrop seems to be an uncommon natural community in Vermont and there are a few vernal pools in the surrounding area.