Event Map

There have been changes to my phenology site since my last visit. There was a lot of fog, clouds and wind, whereas and last visit I only saw fog. The algae on the beach looked black instead of a dark green color. There was white foam that next to the algae as well. On the beginning of the trail, there were pine needles on the side and no orange Northern White Cedar leaves. Later on the trail I only saw a small patch of the Northern White Cedar Leaves. Last time those leaves and some pine needles dominated the path, so you could not see the ground. Recently at Oakledge there was rain, so a puddle formed on the path. There was no rain last visit. The invasive species Barberry, Honeysuckle and Buckthorn had half of their leaves fall off and last time I saw all of the leaves on the branches. For wildlife, I only saw people walking their dogs and a gray dog ran past me chasing after something.