Keeping Stress at Bay

A few of my go-to strategies:

1. Coffee Break – as an avid coffee drinker, one of the best ways for me to remain stress free is to call or text a friend and grab a coffee. In the warmer months I always suggest sitting outside in the grass, but during the winter inside at a cozy café always seems to do the trick.

2. A Good Workout – a good work out doesn’t have to be overly rigorous, but if I’m feeling the stress start to pile on, a leisurely jog or an intense gym session to get the blood flowing is great relief.

3. A Nutritious Meal – forgetting to eat (or even loss of appetite) seems to coincide with stress levels for me, and when this happens I know it’s time to take a minute and plan a nice dinner or lunch. Getting all the food groups in means I’m going to be at my best!

4. 5 Minute Meditation – I’m no stranger to stress, so taking five minutes to close my eyes and breathe, remind myself of everything I’m happy about, and then continue at 100% is one of my go to strategies.

5. Brain Map – brain maps can be anything from a web chart, list, or just scribbles on a piece of paper, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed try to jot down what you have left to do and what you’ve already accomplished. Seeing it out in front of you rather that just in your head is a great way to re-organize.

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