Let’s talk about travel. Traveling as a college student can be tricky due to a number of contributing factors, however, its doable and always something to look forward to.
One of the best ways to see the world during your four years at school is to study abroad. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study in Sweden this past semester, and it was nothing short of life changing. During my five months in Scandinavia, not only was I able to see many parts of Sweden itself but I traveled to Latvia, Norway, Germany, and Denmark. I immersed myself in the culture as much as I could, which needless to say wasn’t too difficult, as I was living there for quite some time.
Every day I met new people, from new places, with new stories. I studied hard to earn good grades, but knew I shouldn’t solely focus on school as there was so much more to learn from living in a foreign country. I stepped out of my comfort zone every chance I got, and understood that each day held a new adventure for me, whether it was ordering a meal in Swedish (a language I had never previously studied) or traveling solo to a new city.
Travel isn’t just a chance to see a new place, a new culture. It’s a chance to learn about parts of you that you didn’t know existed. It’s a chance to stretch yourself to your limits, and then a little bit more, and it’s a chance to meet people just like you, yet at the same time vastly different, who will change your life forever. Its something you’ll never forget, or regret, so put simply: do it.

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