Housing is a big decision, and can effect how your year, or semester, will go. Its important to take into account all aspects of your housing decision, whether you’re hoping to live on or off campus.
As a rising senior, I have experience with both on and off campus housing. My first two years at college I lived in on campus, dorm-style housing, and loved it. As a junior I lived off campus in a house with some of my closest girlfriends, and also loved it. Each option comes with pros and cons.
On campus housing was great for me because everything I needed was within close vicinity. I had food, friends, class, laundry, and the gym all within a few minutes walk. I didn’t have to worry about rent or paying electric and gas, and all my friends were a stones throw away.
On the other hand, off campus housing is fabulous. It gives you the chance to really learn to become an adult, and it gives me personally a nice break from campus life. If I’m exhausted from hours of class and studying, I can easily walk downtown to my house and get a nice reprieve, as well as food that isn’t made in a dining hall.
Off campus housing expenses are tricky, but I handle them with side jobs to earn a little extra cash, either on weekends or days when I don’t have much to study.
Housing can be a great contributor to your comfort and happiness, so be sure to give it enough thought!

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