Staying Productive

It’s simple to lose focus as a college student, because let’s face it, we live in a world where the distractions, be it your friend next to you or the bottomless pit that is the internet, are endless. The lure of Instagram and Facebook or yesterday’s gossip constantly sit tantalizingly close, especially when you’ve already been studying for hours and still have hours ahead of you. But fear not, there are remedies.

I’m a communications major, which means more often than not my studies consist of reading for hours on end. Its incredibly easy for me to lose my focus when my tasks include staring at articles on my computer screen all day. What works best for me in these situations is breaks. It sounds simple, right? But there’s an art to the study break.

I find study breaks to be most effective when they’re short and frequent. It rarely works if you take a thirty-minute study break after working for only a short while, and when that break includes sitting with friends and fooling around (we all do it). If I have a lot of work I need to get done, I’ll work for around thirty minutes to an hour, and then get up and go for a short walk. Filling up my water bottle, blowing my nose, fixing my hair. Even just a stroll around the library. It’s just enough to get my blood flowing and give my brain (and eyes) a rest, and ensure that I don’t burn out. Keep it short and simple, because you don’t want to lose all your focus.

It sounds too easy, and something that you’ve heard for years, but I swear by it. Take breaks! Find the type of break that works for you.

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