Feminists Fight Back

Women are still oppressed.  Women are constantly belittled in the professional world solely based upon our gender.  Often in interviews women are not asked the substantive questions that men are, but rather questions based around their personal lives and sexuality.  Women are also often characterized solely as objects, which are meant to be stared at and looked at in a sexual way. This happens constantly, and male interviewers are not the only perpetrators of this misogynistic and downright sexist way of asking questions.  The creation of this video was intended to highlight just a few of the situations in which this type of interviewing has transpired. This topic has always been a strong interest of mine. No matter how “developed” our “inclusive” our society has become or is becoming, we still have a problem with treating women as equals to men.  Luckily, we have many strong women fighting this form of oppression on a public stage, such as Emma Watson, or even Helen Mirren, when she was interviewed in the 1970’s. As women we continue to put up this fight towards equality. This video is meant to reach everyone, but more importantly, whoever believes that women do not have to fight for their rights to be equal every day.  Most of the time it is absolutely ridiculous how ignorant interviewers are to the fact that the questions they ask aren’t offensive and sexist. Many times the questions are perceived to be complementary, why wouldn’t a woman love to know that she is sexy and will attract multiple men? Isn’t that what she wants to hear? Women need to be valued for their hard work, determination, and pure talent.  Rather than their relationship status, or how big their boobs are. When editing and arranging my clips, I started out by showing the prime examples of sexist questions asked by interviewers, which only showed the immediate response of the female celebrity the questions were directed towards. Then as the video went on, I included their feminist responses that completely shut down the interviewers intentions. Rather than getting angry with the interviewer, they take on an eloquent and direct response to the sexist meaning behind the questions.  I think the hardest thing about creating this video was whether or not I wanted to make the tone of the video light hearted, or dark and serious. I opted to go with light hearted, solely because I felt the way that each celebrities response was not extremely aggressive, but rather well calculated, with the ability to combat the sexism presented in the questions. I thought each of their responses was well thought out and gave off the effect that they were trying to, without completely coming back and offending the interviewer as well. For me, this process was much more difficult than writing a conventional paper.  Video editing is not my forte, and my creative brain lies within words rather than the visual arts. Taking on this challenge was not easy, but I found it very rewarding to be able to present my ideas and argument in a way that I was not used to. Often times it is hard for us to come out of our comfort zones and try something new, but with this opportunity I was able to reach new parts of my creative brain that I didn’t know existed, all while still presenting the argument I intended to.