Podcast Potentials

You wake up in the morning with a wretched hangover.  You are miserable, and yet, later that Saturday night you are willing to do everything that caused it all over again.  Why? Why are college students so apt to binge drink compared to the rest of the world even though the consequences may not exactly outweigh the benefits.  What are the benefits? And why are these benefits so appealing to the young college aged person? What is the motivation for binge drinking and how does its affect a students emotional and physical health? When is it safe to say enough is enough and back down from the societal pressures to binge drink?

Why do students from out of state choose to go to UVM, when in state students would most likely rather be anywhere but here?  Why pay the high out of state tuition, to go to school in one of the least sunny places in the country? What is the true appeal to out of state students, and how does this differ from in state students.  I myself solely go here for the cheaper tuition, for most in state students, UVM was not our first choice. So why is it out of state students first choice?

When people ask where I’m from in Vermont,  I immediately say Stowe, because I think it’s the only place people will recognize. Why do more UVM students not go out and explore the state more?  Most out of state students only know of Stowe and Burlington and maybe one other place. Why is there not more of an exploration of the state and how could UVM as an institution promote the exploration of the state? What is holding out of state students back?