Misogynistic Media

It makes me so angry to see women in the media sexualized.  Here is a woman, a strong, talented, intelligent woman, and all that a reporter or interviewer is asking her is if she’s back with her ex, or if the man she was spotted getting dinner with is her new boyfriend, or if she’s sad that she’s single.   Why can’t women be treated with the same respect as men? Why is the first thing that reporters ask involve delving deep into these women’s personal sexual lives? There are a million other things they could be asked about, but instead they are immediately discredited by the media by being questioned about their personal lives or attacked by sexist comments.   The video clips of interviews that exemplify this type of sexism would to me, be the most effective form of media to portray the argument that I am trying to make. What better support can you give than the direct evidence of the sexism and misogyny that takes place on a daily basis in our society and how normalized it has become in the media. The argument is meant to reach anyone who doesn’t believe that the media has sexualized women, and made them feel that they do not deserve to talk about the more engaging and mindful things that men are.  I think a constant flow of these clips, as well as an intertwining of magazine and news headlines that are misogynistically commenting on women’s bodies and personal sexual lives would be the most effective way to deliver the argument that this is a real and abundant problem in our society that affect growing young women’s minds. This is a problem that we face as a society and we continuously perpetuate this problem by showing each other that it is okay to treat women with less respect than men. Showing and curating a video in which women speak up against this sexism could effectively portray the argument against it.