Where does my inspiration come from

I was immediately interested in cure nails the second I opened the web page.  The aesthetic of their website is extremely eye catching and satisfying, at least to me, someone who is very interested and intrigued by sleek and simple styles.  There is an effective use of color when drawing in the attention of a potential customer. The graphics make the website easy to navigate, as you scroll down the homepage you are continuously introduced to new sections of the website, i.e. the services that the business provides, the ability to book an appointment online etc.  There are also shortcuts located at the top of the web page that allow a viewer to jump to the section they are looking for. The images they provide allow the potential customer to see what they are offering and they do this in a very effective way. The images are spread throughout the web page in order to keep the viewer engaged in what they are selling without getting trapped in a sea of words and information.  The site seems to be very interactive given the ability of the viewer to access whatever part of the website that they need to from the top of the web page. Every service is clearly separated and the webpage is very clearly organized, which is refreshing because many webpages are often cluttered with information which can leave them hard to navigate. I found myself personally very fascinated in everything that this company had to offer just from looking at this website.  I have a genuine passion revolving around beauty products and personal care, so that interest alone left me wanting to explore the website even more. I could personally see myself trying out their products or services simply because of the way their website was designed and the way that they branded their products and services. There is something about the way that products and services are presented that draws the consumer in, and since I, who I’m assuming would be one of their target audience members is intrigued, must mean that they are doing something right.

Link to site: https://curenails.co/en-US/menus/nails

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