Podcast Script Outline

  1. Music
  2. Narration opener, establish subject/ interviewees/ theme\
    1. Welcome to Fear and You, a podcast of real life terrifying encounters. This week we bring you two tales of individuals who have had sincere experiences with terror: Jack and John, University of Vermont students, who frequently flirt with the darker aspects of life . We also sat down with University of Vermont professor, Dr. Tony Magistrale, to discuss what draws us to the consumption of fear. We asked him just what is so appealing about the genre of terror.
  3. Tony Magistrale established, essence of horror
    1. The layout of horror and how it takes effect on generations in changing ways. Implied zeitgeist
    2. The humanist experience, the awe of terror, repulsion-attraction
  4. Transition music+narration to re-establish character
    1. Tony has told us how Horror is an encompassing lifestyle choice; it drags people in and doesn’t spit them out until it is done with them. In our quest to find out why people are so attracted to the blood and gore of horror ,we have delved into various stories of real life horror seekers, those who consume fictional horror and then encounter those experiences in their actual lives.. We bring you to Jack, the UVM student who sought out a real life scare.
  5. #1 story: Avid consumer of horror, what he was looking for at asylum, entering basement/open floor crumbling/ door hole “enter”/roof
    1. We’ve established that Jack is an avid consumer of horror, just like Tony he agrees that horror is used to showcase contemporary issues within society. The main difference between Jack and Tony is that Jack went out of the theater and into the real world. (Music Segue)
    2. When you look at Jack you would never know he is someone who is so engrossed by the world of horror. He’s a nice guy  from a New York City Suburb who sticks to the rules. Most people who know jack would find this story pretty shocking!
    3. Kings Park is a suburb of New York City, but it is not traditional suburbia, it is home to building that have been overgrown with vines and trees, and home to a haunting past, it is the site of the Old Kings Park Insane Asylum… that has been undisturbed for the past fifty years…. a scene straight out of the walking dead… Kings Park may be the epitome of true horror
    4. (When Jack is on top of building) They re-emerged into the light, now the only thing they had to do, was get back down.
  6. Tony: What do people want from horror –
    1. After hearing about Jack’s story, we asked Tony about those who seek out horror in the real world. Here’s what he had to say about them.  (Narrate) we create the
    2. linkage of the stories and re-introduce character 2
  7. #2: The ghost, lack of fear
  8. Music
  9. Tony: The ultimate gain of horror, what we receive
  10. Music
  11. Summation, reiterate question, but now with answer (?), leave a question for audience
    1. There we have it, two tales of individuals encountering the darker aspects of life. Jack sought out the fear, wanting to understand it. Meanwhile, John met the supernatural and was unperturbed. Both left with their lives touched by the ununderstandable. Professor Magistrale tells us that
  12. Story #2: John, UVM student and avid woodsman, traveled through woods with his father, meet a man alone in the woods wearing period clothing, asked antiquated questions about area, disappeared with no evidence of existing
    1. Let’s move forward and talk to John. John is another UVM student with an affliction for horror and anything considered dark. Outside of this, he is an avid woodsman and considers the outdoors to be one of the most replenishing and peaceful aspects of life. He sat down with us to recount a tale of a time where he and his father had a spooky encounter in the woods one night. Let’s take a listen.
    2. The man seemed to take an interest in John and his father, enough so to stop his journey and interact with them, questioning the area.
    3. It’s clear that John had mixed feelings on this interaction with the perceived ghost, it was an interesting interaction nonetheless.
  13. EPIC SCARY MUSIC(music segue)
  14. FINAL NARRATION: Horror comes in many shapes and forms as we have seen. Tony, is a scholar of horror. He reads, eats, and sleeps horror, but he is extremely adverse to running out into the real world and interacting with the horrific experiences that some seek out on a regular basis. Jack, our UVM student who is a fan of the horror genre takes his fictional desires out into the real world. Not only did he break the law by trespassing on to abandoned government property, but he also put himself at risk by venturing into the unknown. John’s story of having a strange encounter in the woods shows the presence of horror in the real world, and how it happens to find you even if you aren’t searching for it. John’s paranormal encounter stretches any limitations that we have on the horror genre. While all three interviewees have had such different stories and life experiences that influence how they view the world and how they feel about horror their scary experiences are part of who they are. Their interactions with the scary, unknown, and paranormal have shaped them in many ways. For those listening at home; How does fear affect you? Think about Tony, Jack, and John’s interactions with horror and let us know your story… who knows maybe you’ll be next? Thanks for tuning and stay spooky!

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