I Know Bullet Fu

25 Feb

Look, the US is kinda in a fucked place right now. Political demagogues in the government, mass hysteria, and violence in the streets. There Has been dozens, if not hundreds, of shootings just over last few years. So many have died, so many injured. Kids mowed down in schools and theater goers in Aurora. Yet none of it is being stopped. Seriously, I mean nothing. Whenever a bill is proposed to regulate the flow of weaponry in the states it is shot down.

Back in 2013 former NRA president David Keene held a conference where he uttered the words “Today, guns are cool.” That is a horrifying statement in the years since where gun culture has been so glorified in media alongside rapidly increasing massacres.

So, how would this be argued against in the context of a political remix? This is my self imposed challenge for a recent class assignment. The aim is to mock the consumerism of tools of violence. For example, the Smith & Wesson commercials full of flashy bombast, making a handgun seem badass. Repeat this several times, cut to cut to cut of weapon ads. Then, suddenly, without warning, slip in footage of any one of the massacres of recent years. Yes, this may be in bad taste, but I feel as if this is necessary to contrast the glamourist product and horrific reality.

Jarringly, switch back to the ads. Overtime the switch between footage of violence and advertisement becomes frantic till it lingers on the aftermath of the the Las Vegas shooting. The aim here is to not just unsettle the viewer with the visceral actuality, but hopefully shake the way one might view gun culture. Now, this somewhat requires that the audience be supportive of gun consumerism, or at least ambivalent about it. Still, this whole scenario should work.


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