A Look At The Pentagram Website

20 Jan

While scouring the internet for a assignment for school, I came across a little site for Pentagram, a design company. According to them, they’re “the world’s largest independently-owned design studio.”  Taking a glance through their work it isn’t hard to see why they have been able to grow so large. More interestingly for my work, is just how excellent it is at communicating their presence. Follow this link to check them out:

When logging onto the site, you are greeted with a dizzying array of projects they have completed. Although it was initially a bit much, once I figured out the general structure, I was able to admire the purpose here. Projects the company viewed as high profile or of some worth are shown upfront, a way to easily sell themselves to the customer. Conglomerates like DC Entertainment and Rolls Royce jump out, and don’t fail to impress with a shifting display of photographs.

A quick purview of the “Work” section of the website is immediately impressive with the range of what they have worked on. Everything from small book covers and magazine graphics, to massive pop culture icons have collaborated with the company. Heck, they even managed to snag work with Saturday Night Live! All of this is elegantly demonstrated through several distinct rows of images, separated by theme. Easily scrollable, with little lag or image buffering, they have clearly put some time to make the website as easily navigable as it is pretty. It really does have a quite gorgeous layout too, something that carries onto the other pages of the site.

Their “About” tab has several dozen photographs of the smiling staff, which link to member’s biography and portfolio. If one wished to hire a specific member for work, I imagine this simplifies the process by some extent. The whole section have a smart black and gray overlay that signals a smart professionalism on their part, a old fashioned class of style.

If there as one complaint about the website that was more than just a nitpick, it’s that the “News” tab was laid out in a manner that impedes its purpose somewhat. Rather than a straightforward list of recent accomplishments or goals, it instead has a rather jumbled work of images in various sizes, locations, and movements (some are gifs, others aren’t), all of which is compounded by a timeline that doesn’t make much sense at a glance. This becomes problematic for potential customers who wish to discover what Pentagram has been up to. If I, a man who knows little to nothing about website design, was to rework this page, I would make it a much more straightforward column organized by a simplified chronology.

Thankfully, the final tab for the “Contact” section is a return to form for the rest of the website. A picture of of each of their offices, followed by how to contact that specific establishment greatly reduces the clutter found in the “News” tab. It is a page that makes it quick and easy for the customer to get in touch.

So, what is the overall statement of the site? Well, it is a bit messy, and could be overwhelming to many. However, once you get used to it I found it fun to scroll through, with it being a high energy and popping vibe zeitgeist. I think a fair score would be…8.5/10.



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