Snow on the Shore

Temperatures had been low leading up to my final visit to Oakledge Park this week, and snow and ice coated the ground and the lakeshore. All the beautiful colors of fall have been replaced with ghostly whites and grays, and the beautiful view of the Adirondacks was almost completely covered in a heavy, low fog. […]

Thanksgiving Phenology Site

Google Maps Link:¬†,-73.9790372,439m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c258f6a9ca2ba1:0x4372d987987f83b4!8m2!3d40.7691242!4d-73.9777708 Description as Leopold I spent my Thanksgiving break back home in the concrete jungle of New York City, and on one of the warmer and less damp days, I traveled through Central Park with some old friends. As we hiked south, we passed hundreds of American Sycamores, Pin Oaks, and American Elms, […]

Event Map of Oakledge Park

This week’s trip to Oakledge Park was significantly cooler, and the 4 mile bike ride definitely required some layers. The bike path was covered in bright yellow leaves, making it difficult to stay on the trail in some places. There were a ton of people enjoying the waterfront, and families were enjoying the playgrounds along […]

Cold Weather, Cold Water

When I came back to visit my phenology site this week, I could feel the winter weather on my skin. Next to the lake, the wind was whipping up water and rattling the now colorful and dry leaves. I could just barely hear the songs of birds over the sounds of the wind, but I […]