Meet Alan Ryea ’90 of the Alumni Association

This is our second installment of regular interviews with UVM campus personalities, professors, and administrators (ICYMI, our first was with Charlie the Falafel Guy).

This week we sat down with the Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations Alan Ryea ’90.  He’s your go-to guy to get involved as an alum, stay connected to UVM and Burlington, and network with other alumni.

20150629_122315Alan sat down to chat with us about his time at UVM, what it means to be an alum, and the break-up of One Direction.

Derrick & Ryan: Why do you love UVM?

Alan: So many reasons, but I think mainly it’s a huge part of who I’ve become, it does a lot for the community, and it’s just a very special place.

D & R: Where did you grow up?

A: I was born in Alaska. My family moved a bit because my dad was in the military and we ended up in Richford Vermont. Way up near the border.vermont-and-what-meme

D & R: How did you get into Alumni Relations?

A: I started by volunteering for my reunion planning committee and I got more and more involved from there.  I loved getting my friends and classmates excited about coming back to UVM and I guess I haven’t stopped since.

D & R: What advice do you have for young alumni trying to find their way in the world away from UVM?

A: Reach out to the vast network of alumni if you need assistance as a young alum. We are working on keeping all alumni connected to the school once they have left. We hope their connection to UVM and its resources will not end when they graduate.

D & R: If you saw our Vermonster post, you know we love ice cream.  What is your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

A: Definitely Cherry Garcia! I prefer the fro-yo version but every time I go to the supermarket they are out!

cherry garcia

D & R: What is your favorite local beer?

A: I’d have to say Long Trail.

D & R: What pop music are you into these days?

A: [takes a moment to respond] My kids say I’m stuck in the eighties, a lot of Bryan Adams and Billy Joel, but I mean…One Direction might be my thing right now I guess. It really gets under your skin after a while. Now I’m just the butt of my family jokes.

D & R: How do you feel about the group’s break-up?

A: Definitely sad [laughs]


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