A Poem: More Water

As the sun sets behind the green backs of the ‘dacks,

I wander over a bed of wet amber leaves and approach rock.

Water fills in over every crack of diluted red rock beneath my feet.

Then I hear wind rattle through everything,

a promise of something.

The small stream and pond are full, happy.

Water oozing out over their sides, onto the trails

for my feet to splash in while my eyes get lost in.

The wind rushes in now with force

I feel a message prickling at my ears

a message not of words but feeling.

Its time to head back,

more water is promised.



Water and More Water

This last visit was one filled with water! Rain has been very prevalent that last couple of days and Redstone Quarry showed this on full display. Areas that last time were dry now had small puddles or even in one area there was almost a new small pond forming. A few areas along the trail were take over from overflown water in the wet areas next to it. Also my visit to actually pond provide to be interesting. Last time I mentioned the algae growth along the top of the water but this time when I came up the algae was more in patches along the surface not a complete mat. I think the high influx of water caused this but maybe something with the changing temperatures or somehow a decrease in nutrients.  As last time when i talked about the golden leaves on the ground, there are still branches holding on to there leaves but the trails today were completely covered in leaves and provided a type of carpet. Another change I notice was a a few tree branches had fallen down and some grasses as well as the numerous cattails were blown down/ bent over. I think the recent strong winds have caused this. Another nuance for the cattails was a lot of their green stems have changed to a light gold rose color. The area is also very quiet right now, I heard only a few birds here or there and I was lucky enough to see some geese fly over head. But among the other animals in this area many were not out and about, only a lone squirrel.

Gold Leaves Have Fallen

As I approach my site new golden leaves cover the ground. The trees with there bare branches almost look cold as a chilly breeze runs through them.  The yellow contrasts with the greens and browns and reds still present but it compliments the sun rays striking through the thin canopy. Many of the flowers have bent low under the pressure of the changing season and so fall has started. The preparation for winter is happening.

Some other changes I spot on this visit from last are the changing colors of most plants against the everlasting green of the few coniferous trees in the area. Also the temperature is only about 10 degrees cooler than last time.  The little canopy cover my spot had before is even less now letting more light to hit the ground in certain spots. And the large red stone cliffs look as if nothing has changed.

Last time I was here I heard quite a few birds but it is eerily silent today.  I spot some squirrels in the woodier area leading up to my spot. Along the trees I see remnants of some nests from this previous spring and summer. I don’t have enough time to go scouring for holes that could promise burrows under the ground. The largest water spot a small pond is covered in duckweed which makes me think very little is below the surface. In another water area I see some water bugs and small organisms in the water but nothing prominent.



The Start

I choose Redstone Quarry for a few different reasons. One it is a natural area that I have not explored before and is still relatively close to my dorm. The other main reason I choose it is because, as the name suggest, it is where the dorm I'm is was built from. I live Redstone Hall that has these magnificently huge blocks of Redstone and so I thought it would be interesting to see where is the ground they came from and how that area is today. 

The location, as expected, contains lots of exposed stones but nestle next to it is some vegetation and a few different water spots. Some of the vegetation includes: Glossy buckthorn, some fir trees, juniper cedar, Dogwood, cattails and more left to be identified.

While I visited I saw lot of different animals too, many different birds, heard some crickets, and saw some dragon flies.

Direction to get there from Redstone campus it to take S.prospect to ledge street and right after the small intersection of Ledge St. and Iranistan St. the tree line on the left side of the street opens up to a small path that leads down into Redstone Quarry.  In the next post will be a google map of it!