The Start

I choose Redstone Quarry for a few different reasons. One it is a natural area that I have not explored before and is still relatively close to my dorm. The other main reason I choose it is because, as the name suggest, it is where the dorm I'm is was built from. I live Redstone Hall that has these magnificently huge blocks of Redstone and so I thought it would be interesting to see where is the ground they came from and how that area is today. 

The location, as expected, contains lots of exposed stones but nestle next to it is some vegetation and a few different water spots. Some of the vegetation includes: Glossy buckthorn, some fir trees, juniper cedar, Dogwood, cattails and more left to be identified.

While I visited I saw lot of different animals too, many different birds, heard some crickets, and saw some dragon flies.

Direction to get there from Redstone campus it to take S.prospect to ledge street and right after the small intersection of Ledge St. and Iranistan St. the tree line on the left side of the street opens up to a small path that leads down into Redstone Quarry.  In the next post will be a google map of it!