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Publishing with third-party tools

WordPress is supported by most third-party blogging apps, such as ScribefireWindows Live WriterWordPress for IOS, or even Microsoft Word..

Turning on remote publishing to your blog

From your blog’s dashboard, click on Settings → Writing.  In the Remote Publishing section, make sure “XML-RPC” is checked, and click “Save Changes”.

Getting your account passcode

From your blog’s dashboard, click on Users → My Profile.  Down at the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Remote Publishing section.  Take note of your passcode; you will need it when setting up your blogging app.  If you don’t have a passcode, click “Generate a new passcode”.

Setting up your blogging app

After you’ve installed a blogging program, you will be asked to add your blog account.  In most cases, you’ll only need three pieces of information for this, and can leave any other options alone:

  • the URL to your blog, like
  • username
  • passcode

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