Final Entry

As this is my final entry, I’m going to write about East Woods as a site as a whole, including natural and cultural components. Then I’ll compare East Woods and Redstone Quarry in terms of their value to Burlington and how a connection formed to each one independently. First off, a little bit about the […]

Change in Site

My phenology site has been relocated to East Woods Natural Area. Please find posts and updates in the category labelled East Woods Phenology Site.

Final Slideshow

Today, I visited my site for the last time this semester. I was able to enjoyed some nice ice formations along the cliff face. I created a slideshow video (with music) to display the natural beauty of Redstone Quarry. Please enjoy. FOLLOW LINK BELOW FOR FINAL SLIDESHOW

L’Histoire de Redstone Quarry

Redstone was a commonly used and popular building material in 19th century Burlington due to its elegant appearance and robust construction. Another benefit was that there just happened to be a small redstone quarry, Redstone Quarry, in Burly. The University of Vermont history department states about the Quarry, “The Redstone Quarry is located in a […]

Rock Circle, Massachusetts

Over Thanksgiving Break, I was able to visit Rock Circle in Sharon, Massachusetts. Set just a stones throw from the nearby suburbs, the small circle of rocks sits in the midst of a Northern Red Oak grove. The crevices and holes in the rocks support a variety of woodland animals, from chipmunks to small birds, […]


Aside from the David Bowie reference, there were quite a lot of changes in Redstone Quarry. Many of the trees had lost their leaves; however, the birds were quite active, and I spotted what appeared to be a woodpecker or blue jay. The pond was less covered in duckweed, but there was no movement from […]

The World as Events

I have included a short event map of interesting or unique experiences I had on my last hike to the Quarry. Perhaps it is more accurate to call them observations as I myself am simply there to take in the natural atmosphere at Redstone Quarry, not to be a part of it. The link is […]

Hand-Drawn Map

Although photography is my preferred mode of art, I have below a hand-drawn map of Redstone Quarry. Please excuse it’s primitiveness, my hand-drawing skills are sadly lacking.

Changes in Vegetation and Animal Life

The Quarry is absolutely stunning this time of the year, with the reds and oranges of the trees complimenting the soft red-brown of the cliff side. It’s a beautiful place to take a casual stroll among the autumn breeze. It was definitely a lot chillier than the last time I visited. The side street leading […]

Introduction and Vegetation

Welcome to my blog about Redstone Quarry. This will soon be in the format of a narrated slideshow, in essence a photo documentary. Right now, the limiting factor is the available technology, so this first post will simply be paragraphs and some pictures. Introduction: Redstone Quarry is a short 15 minute walk south of Redstone […]