Final Entry

As this is my final entry, I’m going to write about East Woods as a site as a whole, including natural and cultural components. Then I’ll compare East Woods and Redstone Quarry in terms of their value to Burlington and how a connection formed to each one independently. First off, a little bit about the […]

Spring Awakening

Not a ton of changes at the site so far, only a lack of snow shows that winter is no longer here. Since most of the trees are Eastern White Pines, there is little change from season to season amongst the foliage. However, the American Beech trees are beginning to sprout from their long, pointy, […]

Moose Hill, Massachusetts

Just a quick drive from my home, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the Mass Audubon Society. Set aside specifically for birds originally, Moose Hill is open for visitors with 20 miles of trail and a clifftop overlook. Established in 1916, it is the oldest property of the Mass Audubon Society. Unfortunately, there […]

Natural Communities in East Woods

East Woods has had a few changes since the last visit. The most prevalent is that Potash Brook has thawed out almost completely, and is flowing through the terrain. The second is that some tree twigs appear to be budding. Hopefully leaves and flowers will start to sprout soon. When analyzed on Biofinder, East Woods […]

Deciduous Twigs in East Woods

I noticed two main kinds of small deciduous trees in East Woods. The first, which was everywhere and easily identifiable from the twigs and remaining leaves was beech trees. The other I have not been able to identify despite the identification guide. The closest one on the guide is horse chestnut, but it doesn’t seem […]

Tracking in East Woods

Some exciting wildlife tracks in East Woods! In addition to many many maaaaaannny dog tracks, there were several squirrel trails and… potential fisher tracks! I’ll describe below each track, how I was able to determine the animal, and what it did. Dog: I guess East Woods is a popular dog trail because there are tons of […]

East Woods Embedded Map and Directions

My new phenology site is situated on small cliff overlooking Potash Brook deep in East Woods. To get there, you take about an hour walk south of campus, past Rice Memorial High School and the state correctional facility. The actual trailhead is behind Klinger’s Bakery and leads down to the brookside. The path winds along […]