Moose Hill, Massachusetts

Just a quick drive from my home, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the Mass Audubon Society. Set aside specifically for birds originally, Moose Hill is open for visitors with 20 miles of trail and a clifftop overlook. Established in 1916, it is the oldest property of the Mass Audubon Society. Unfortunately, there was not heavy bird activity this early in the season and aside from a few crow calls, I did not have any memorable bird encounters. In terms of ecosystems, Moose Hill is mostly deciduous oak forest, some cedar bluffs, and even a maple swamp. Several fields lay scattered among the woodland with houses for protected field birds. Filled with colorful flowers and swaying tall grass in the Spring and Summer, they lied quiet and still with a thin layer of snow atop. The deciduous trees have not yet begun to bud, whilst evergreens continue to be the dominant trees of the season.

The following pictures are from the Mass Audubon website, due to a lack of camera access over Spring Break.

~ by zmerson on March 20, 2017.

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