Natural Communities in East Woods

East Woods has had a few changes since the last visit. The most prevalent is that Potash Brook has thawed out almost completely, and is flowing through the terrain. The second is that some tree twigs appear to be budding. Hopefully leaves and flowers will start to sprout soon.

When analyzed on Biofinder, East Woods appears to either have little research on its ecology, or there are simply no significant ecological locations. No rare or uncommon species or communities can be found in East Woods. Nearby; however, in Red Rocks park, there are some vernal pools. I walked over to investigate but the areas where they would form seem to still be filled with ice and snow.

The natural community of East Woods appears to be White Pine-Red Oak forest in early stages of succession. There is not a large presence of large Red Oaks yet however some saplings can be found among the Eastern White Pines.

~ by zmerson on March 10, 2017.

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