Tracking in East Woods

Some exciting wildlife tracks in East Woods! In addition to many many maaaaaannny dog tracks, there were several squirrel trails and… potential fisher tracks! I’ll describe below each track,¬†how I was able to determine the animal, and what it did.

Dog: I guess East Woods is a popular dog trail because there are tons of tracks right next to the trail. The obvious give away for the dog tracks is the 4 toes with claws. How I knew it wasn’t a fox or coyote was that it was always next to the human trail and when it went off trail, its path was erratic without order.

Squirrel: There were a handful of medium galloper tracks scattered near the trail. The prints were too small to be a rabbit but too large to be a mouse or vole. Another giveaway that they were squirrel was the movement pattern. The tracks would lead to a tree and disappear or would appear from a tree. Squirrels are the only gallopers that climb trees. The squirrel tracks were mostly just moving from tree to tree.

Fisher: I was really excited when I identified this track because fishers aren’t terribly common from my experience. I have only ever seen one once in the wild. I recognized the tracks as bounder tracks from the distinct grouping of tracks. I first noticed these tracks as different because they were on top of a log, which I knew dogs don’t really do. The size of the tracks on the log indicate the only bounder it could be was a fisher. The tracks went across two logs and back across one and then I lost the trail.

~ by zmerson on February 6, 2017.

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