Rock Circle, Massachusetts

Over Thanksgiving Break, I was able to visit Rock Circle in Sharon, Massachusetts. Set just a stones throw from the nearby suburbs, the small circle of rocks sits in the midst of a Northern Red Oak grove. The crevices and holes in the rocks support a variety of woodland animals, from chipmunks to small birds, to salamanders. Due to the habitat fragmentation of the nearby houses and roads, there are few predators in this strip of forest, allowing the small mammals and birds to thrive. Some of the spotted birds include black-capped chickadees, tufted titmice, blue jays, and cardinals. To compare with Redstone Quarry, there is less of a diversity in trees and habitat, but there is more land area than the Quarry due to less development at the Circle. 15228070_1827136587562669_1945341_n 15227901_1827136580896003_296190953_n 15218483_1827136570896004_1365651718_n 15211763_1827136567562671_207934202_n 15227865_1827136560896005_1428091874_n 15226622_1827136557562672_1335785011_n 15239224_1827136544229340_931146810_n

~ by zmerson on November 28, 2016.

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