Aside from the David Bowie reference, there were quite a lot of changes in Redstone Quarry. Many of the trees had lost their leaves; however, the birds were quite active, and I spotted what appeared to be a woodpecker or blue jay. The pond was less covered in duckweed, but there was no movement from frogs or fish. I can’t wait to come to the Quarry in November and see the snow-covered cliff face.

Here is a gallery of all the (decent) photos I took during my last trip.

dsc00379 dsc00380 dsc00381 dsc00382 dsc00383 dsc00384 dsc00385 dsc00386 dsc00387 dsc00388 dsc00389 dsc00390 dsc00391 dsc00392 dsc00393 dsc00394 dsc00395 dsc00396 dsc00397 dsc00398 dsc00399 dsc00400 dsc00373 dsc00374 dsc00375 dsc00376 dsc00377 dsc00378

~ by zmerson on November 7, 2016.

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