Changes and Signs of Animals

A major change which is obvious as you walk into my location is that most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, only a few of the Basswoods are still holding onto some of their leaves.  The unidentified green plants however, are still alive and thriving.  In terms of wildlife, there is a tree chewed by beaver, indicating they are active in the area.  Also, on the walk into my location, I spotted a bluejay, and a squirrel.  The most interesting find however, may be when I fished along the banks of my location. I was reeling in my line, almost ready to wrap up and go home, when a giant Landlocked Atlantic Salmon comes from out of nowhere, and attacks my lure.  I fight for a second, and realize how powerful this fish really is.  He thrashes around and snaps right off my line, taking my lure with him.  It was incredible to be able to see a fish of this size, even if I didn’t actually catch it.

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