Please don’t make me change my password. It’s the one I use everywhere.

Passwords serve to protect our privacy, our financial well-being, our reputations and even our identities.  Often, a password is all that stands between us and catastrophe. Choosing a password: A good password is easy to remember, hard to guess or crack, and for UVM accounts, changed at least once a year (every 120 days for […]

I have some sensitive data. Where should I keep it?

UVM provides secure and reliable network storage for academic work, research, and business files. Saving confidential or sensitive information on desktop or laptop hard drives, or on tablets and phones, greatly increases the risks of loss and inappropriate disclosure. And information classified as critical or nonpublic (what the Information Security Policy calls “Protected University Information”) […]

“To the Cloud!” Or not?

The Clouds are not all created equal. Be sure to research the terms of service, license agreement, usage agreement, copyright content ownership and everything else before signing up for a cloud service. Check to see if the University offers a service that will be of use before looking into an outside service. If you intend […]

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