“Unfolding” of Spring

Sadly, the unfolding of spring in my plot is not quite here yet. The slush and snow and freezing temperatures have returned to Burlington, and the false spring ended without blooming fully. Spring, while it tasted good for a second, has disappeared from my 20 meter spot in Centennial Woods. Any flowers poking through the leaf litter are hidden from view by a layer of slush as the snow melts again, as is the leaf litter itself. The sugar maple’s buds are almost all gone from the last time I saw them a month ago, since the frost had frozen them many nights in a row. The only green really visible on the ground of my plot is soaking wet moss peeking through the snow at the base of the trees.

Landscape Ecology Perspective:

The nearest edge to my plot is located about 40 meters downhill from it, as you near the stream in Centennial. The edge effect is the change in habitat and therefore species within the habitats. The plants near the stream are smaller brambles and bushes rather than tall trees, and the soil becomes more sandy and less leaf litter. There are no interior species located in my plot, as it is too close to that edge and the edge of the wilderness area altogether.

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