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Posted: June 17th, 2010 by wblackwe

I finally finished our inter-department Koha equipment cage checkout system today. It was complicated to get running!!  I also got CalDav integrated for all of our iCals on our 414 Williams Hall computers (running of the same  vmware ubuntu instance.) That way, students can sign up for lighting studio, and the animation stand really easily. And faculty can just open iCal and sign up for rooms without having to go through the insanity of learning our ancient Oracle cal system (that you have to sign up for and doesn’t allow access to students.)

FTS and ART is using our checkout-checkin software now with hundreds of items tracked and available. Students can put holds on items (once they have an account with the system) and our work studies do the rest. The whole thing cost $35 for VMware!

I guess I should make this a more legit web address like koha.uvm.edu if the software really takes off. It’s just beta now and totally behind UVM’s network barrier.

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