BBB keeps rolling along

Upgraded from 1.1ßeta to 1.1-RC

from BBB:

It’s been almost four months of testing since we announced the availability of 1.1-beta on Jan 12, 2017.  See:
A big thanks to everyone who reported issues with the beta and helped us track down and fix them.  
As our beta releases tend to be quite stable, and we estimate that some companies have run over 100,000 meetings on 1.1-beta.  This heavy usage, along with our community, has enabled us to find and fix many edge cases and harden the product.  If you are interested, here’s a list of all the issues found and fixed since the beta release.
The above list shows the effort we put forward to ensure each release of BigBlueButton is more solid than the previous.  
The result is a 1.1 release that is a stable, documented, localized, and thoroughly tested.  This release should provide you with a platform that you can deploy and build upon for your organization and, for your users, it should provide an easy-to-use interface to hold online classes. 
In short, as product manager, I believe this is our best release to date. 
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WiFi laptops

Spent way too long getting 303 laptops to speak to the wireless network post radius certificate update. Fixed a lot of issues with caspar and munki along the way.

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Guide on the side

Helped Daisy, Graham, and Lyman get updated GOS installed on library servers. They were very happy, but not so happy as to let us use their SpringShare software.

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Data begets data

Created more graphs; moved jpgraph library into cumulusclips library (was on; refactored code to use cc-core DB  objects for mySQl queries; added tabular (HTML table or Excel CSV download)  custom user reports. Incorporated all of this into Admin Panel.


Wrote a lot of high-level documentation


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Video requiring login

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cool stuff

Hacked a solution to embedding live feeds from Wowza into blog posts

Also wrote some code to display real-time data


And wrote a lot of documentation and a CTL blog post


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Updates to UVM Streaming gone live


  • Revamped metadata entry screen with contextual help, revised wording, required field indicators, copyright agreement highlights , formatting
  • water mark suppression is now on by default for new uploads
  • view statistics give more accurate counts
  • view stats now available



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SharePoint 2016

Worked with SAA to roll out the very first new production SharePoint site. CTL as always a leader in technology.

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BBB 1.1ß

installed, needs some configuration before taking it ‘live’ .

This release offers three main enhancements:
 1. Breakout Rooms:  (3:41 minutes)
 2. Live Closed Captioning:  (1:23 minutes)
 3. Faster Desktop Sharing: (3:10 minutes)
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streaming media updates

Wendy and ines made some helpful suggestions for changes to metadata upload pages. They can be found on . SAA bumped up the # of virtual processors allocated to the server. Need to tune the queuing software, which has been done on streaming-dev. Also updated the embeded players to increment the raw views count in the About tab. Will migrate all recent updates to prod server during spring break



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