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No Excuses! Actions for growing the ranks of women farmer-leaders

With new markets come new farmers. For every farm operator under the age of 35, the U.S. has six farm operators over 65, many of whom are on the verge of retirement. To meet our current and future needs, Agriculture … Continue reading

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Corn and Grain Inspiring the Lives of Young Women in Northern Vermont. Really?!

Really. When I think of women’s leadership development, large and lofty ideas come mind—things like paradigm shifts, suffrage and empowerment. So who knew that the kernels of leadership sometimes lie within little kernels of corn and grain which were inspiring enough … Continue reading

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Tap Your Inner MacGyver with a SARE Mini Grant

Do you remember that 80’s tv show, MacGyver? You know, the action-adventure series featuring the clever secret agent Angus MacGyver who never carried a gun but was able to escape every dicey situation purely on wit, science, and common household items, … Continue reading

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