Wet Weather Fall-Out

This summer’s exceptionally wet weather continues to present challenging growing conditions for many Vermont farmers. Following is information about filing crop insurance claims and recommendations from UVM Extension specialists regarding crop fertilization and development and forage planting.

Flooded Produce FAQ from UVM Extension.

This fact sheet provides information and additional resources and links for vegetable and berry growers on how to deal with flooded produce and fields.

How to File a Crop Insurance Claim, from UVM Extension Crop Insurance Coordinator Pam Smith.

For farmers who have crop insurance, this flyer provides clear advice on making a crop insurance claim. In a nutshell: Report crop damage promptly (within 72 hours of discovery of damage, before replanting) and do not destroy evidence that is needed to support your claim without clear direction (in writing) from the insurance company.

Corn Nitrogen Update from UVM Extension Agronomist Dan Hudson

Corn fields are nitrogen deficient now due to leaching, and many farmers may need to side-dress to supplement manure applications. This article, published June 28, 2013 discusses issues to consider prior to applying additional nitrogen.

Recent Weather Brings Corn of Many Colors from UVM Extension Agronomist Heather Darby

Corn grows best with sunny days and warm temperatures, both of which have been scarce this year, and plants are not the dark green they should be. This article, published July 7, 2013, explains causes of color variation in corn.

If you have forage production questions, please contact a UVM Extension agronomy specialist.

  • Sid Bosworth, Plant and Soil Science Department (UVM), 802-656-0478, sid.bosworth@uvm.edu
  • Jeff Carter, Middlebury, 800-956-1125, jeff.carter@uvm.edu
  • Heather Darby, St. Albans, 800-639-2130, heather.darby@uvm.edu
  • Dan Hudson, St. Johnsbury, 800-545-8920, daniel.hudson@uvm.edu

For horticultural plant pest problems, including diseases, insects,  mites and weeds, commercial growers should contact the UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic’s Ann Hazelrigg at 802-656-0493 or ann.hazelrigg@uvm.edu.

The UVM Extension Master Gardener Program can help homeowners and hobby gardeners with assorted plant pest problems.

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