USDA Offers Compensation for Claims of Discrimination Against Women and Hispanic Farmers

USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) officials have asked WAgN to help get the word out to farmers and landowners that USDA has established a process to resolve claims of Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who assert that they were discriminated against when seeking USDA farm loans. The process is part of continued efforts to close the chapter on all allegations that discrimination occurred at USDA in past decades, USDA says.

The claims process offers a streamlined alternative to litigation and provides at least $1.33 billion in compensation, plus up to $160 million in farm debt relief, to eligible Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers.

The program provides up to $50,000 for each Hispanic or woman farmer who can show that USDA denied them a loan or loan servicing for discriminatory reasons for certain time periods between 1981 and 2000.  Hispanic or female farmers who provide additional proof and meet other requirements can receive a $50,000 award.  Successful claimants are also eligible for funds to pay the taxes on their awards and for forgiveness of certain existing USDA loans. No filing fee or other costs to claimants are required to participate in the program. Participation is voluntary, and individuals who opt not to participate are not precluded by the program from filing a complaint in court.

Individuals interested in participating in the claims process may register to receive a claims package, or may obtain more information, by visiting Individuals can register to receive a claims package by calling the Farmer and Rancher Call Center at1-888-508-4429.  Persons seeking legal advice may contact a lawyer or other legal services provider.

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